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Thread: Hajj for Women without Mahram

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    What if a women is not having any Mahram, what are the teachings for Hajj for such women. I read somewhere that if a women is beyond 45 years of age she can go for Hajj with a mehrum otherwise not. Any inputs on it would be appreciated.
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    Traveling alone to Ka`bah


    My question is regarding women traveling alone to perform Hajj. I am a single, working woman who has had a chance to travel all over the world because of the nature of my work.

    I am upset at the fact that I have not been able to travel to Mecca for either Hajj or Umra because a mehram has not been available. It is upsetting that I can fly around the world but not go to the place most worthy of visiting.

    My question is... does Shari`ah outrule my traveling alone to Kaaba or is it purely a handicap of the systems that are followed?

    Did Hazrat Ayesha (ra) perform Hajj alone? Why?

    Your comments would be highly appreciated.

    Your are doing a great job! Wish you all the success.


    Ayesha Hassan


    For our opinion on the issue, please refer to one of our previous responses to a related question titled "Can a Woman go to Hajj with her Sister and Brother-in-Law?".

    Keeping in view the explanation provided in the referred response, it is clear that in our opinion, the Shari'ah does not hinder women from performing Hajj without being accompanied by a Mehram relation. The Prophet (pbuh) recommended women to avoid traveling alone. This commendation is not principally related to traveling for Hajj rather it is a social advice he gave keeping in view certain perspectives. A study of all the traditions leads to the conclusion that the Prophet (pbuh) recommended women not to travel alone because of the grave dangers the task entailed. Such a journey could endanger a woman's life and repute. The circumstances at that time were not conducive for even men to set out on journeys easily. It could provide evil elements in the society to spread bad words about women and, thereby, mar their repute. The former factor may not be present today with the development of organized and disciplined means of transportation but the latter cannot be removed. Therefore, it would still be prudent that woman, if forced by the circumstances to undertake a journey alone should adopt an effective measure, forming female groups for instance, to avoid any undesired consequences.

    The foregoing should clarify my understanding of the issue. However, this does not alter any thing for you, as, according to my information, women - without the company of Mehram relations - are generally refused visa for Hajj and/or Umrah by the Saudi government.

    Tariq Mahmood Hashmi

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    Default Re: Hajj for Women without Mahram

    Women Travelling with a Mahram
    Social Issues
    Javed Ahmad Ghamidi
    (Tr. by:Shehzad Saleem)

    The Prophet (sws) is reported to have forbidden women from travelling without a mahram and has said that they are not allowed to travel alone. The period of this journey is mentioned in some narratives to be one, in some others to be two and still others to be three days and nights respectively. This prohibition, it needs to be appreciated, is not an absolute one. It is a precautionary prohibition meant to protect a person from harm. Its addressees are also the individuals of a society in their personal capacity, and is not addressed to state authorities. Moreover, it is evident that such directives relate to circumstances. Keeping in view the importance of a lady’s chastity and modesty in Islam, it was essential that they be stopped from travelling alone because of the circumstances which prevailed in Arabia in the times of the Prophet (sws). People in those times used to travel on foot or on horses and camels. Destinations which today can be reached in hours were accessed in those days in weeks and at times in months. Passengers would travel alone or in caravans and sometimes would even have to encounter forests and deserts on their way. At night time, they would have to spend the night under the open sky with other members of the caravan or in rest-houses of unknown cities. If in these circumstances, women were asked to travel with a mahram in order to protect them and to guard their reputation, every upright person can easily understand the wisdom behind this directive.

    The current times, on the other hand, have revolutionized the means of transport. Distances which were covered in months are now covered in hours. There are extra-ordinary arrangements to protect people in buses, trains and aeroplanes. Great changes have also come about in rest-houses and hotels. A hundred years ago, people were hesitant in sending their sisters and daughters from one village to another. Today, however, one is not even hesitant in sending them to Europe and America. The journey to Makkah for the purpose of hajj too has become secure to the ultimate extent and women can safely travel with their women of acquaintance to Arabia to offer the rites of hajj. This great change in circumstances entails that this directive should not relate to current forms of travel, and women be allowed to travel alone or in groups in any way they can keeping in view their needs in case there is no danger envisaged in this travelling. However, they must always keep in consideration the fact that their honour must remain protected in all circumstances, and they must not show any negligence in this regard while leaving their houses. If they believe in God and His Prophet (sws), they should not be indifferent in this matter.

    (Translated from Maqāmāt by Shehzad Saleem

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