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  1. Evolution/Creation
  2. Scientific Observation on Tawaf(circumambulation)
  3. Eating with fingers
  4. Some things not discovered yet.
  5. The Koran's accurate history of the universe and the earth
  6. Debunk alleged scientific mistakes in the Koran here
  7. Science And Man
  8. Oh! Sons of Adam (a.s.)
  9. The 7 heavans
  10. Ansari X Prize Claimed!!!
  11. woman
  12. test your blind spot
  13. Science and the Qur'an.
  14. Homo Floresiensis
  15. Why pork: Islamic perspective and scientific research
  16. Expanding Universe?
  17. New Molecules found
  18. Jinn
  19. The description of Day of Judgment
  20. Islam and Quantum Mechanics
  21. Sajdah (prostration)
  22. Formation of the Heavens
  23. Celestial Organization
  24. Bible and Science
  25. Eating with feet
  26. Location of Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog)
  27. Mountains and their function
  28. Location of Dajjal (Anti-Christ)
  29. Camel's milk may treat Aids, cancer
  30. water
  31. Muslim Scientists in this Modern Age
  32. Genetic Evidence
  33. Islam and Medicine
  34. Why a Scientist Believes in God
  35. Scientist attacking Religions Sincerely?
  36. The Explicit Economics of Knowledge Codification and Tacitness
  37. The Creation of the Universe
  38. Great new articles on Islam & Science!!
  39. Angels and String Theory
  41. Science & Miracles
  42. Socrates the first Greek Monotheist?
  43. Evolution: Hey its back!
  44. Vera Causa and Islam
  45. Is Dark Matter Real or a Myth?
  46. Scientists shake 150-year law of genetics
  47. Change in speed of light
  48. An upcoming article of mine proving the Koran's inspiration through science
  49. Flat our Round Earth?
  50. Fibonacci problem
  51. Why Science fails to explain God
  52. Rationality and religion (split from Polytheism thread)
  53. Birth of a Black Hole Captured!
  54. Heart finds peace in the remembrance of Allah
  55. Every passing second
  56. SooOO Many Earth Quakes, a Sign!
  57. Herbal medicines could be harmful
  58. Breakthrough in rice cultivation
  59. Comets
  60. About the Qur'an
  61. Is Time Travel Possible?
  62. God has no senses
  63. Astronomers claim discovery of solar system's 10th planet
  64. Salaam! Evolution was first mentioned in koran, it almost demands believing into it!
  65. The Rise and fall of the materialist
  66. The Physics of the Day of Judgement
  67. Prophesies in the Quran (Fulfilled)
  68. Scientists bribed?
  69. The Quranic use of the word "Pharaoh"
  70. Life in a nearby star system?
  71. Do these verses really refer to science?
  73. Islam and Science(Comparing to Opposites)
  74. Me, myself and I
  75. Harmony Between Science and Religion
  76. Science has discovered soul or not?
  77. do you believe in agriglyphs or crop circles?
  78. beneficial mutations - Bird flu virus 'resisting drug'
  79. Sperm formation error?
  80. Islam & Life on Other Planets
  81. Every Muslim should be a terrorist
  82. Discussion about Harun Yahya
  83. The widening genetic gap
  84. Avian H5N1 Influenza in Cats
  85. Eat and drink, but avoid excess…
  86. Beloved Prophet says Exercise!
  87. seven skies
  88. Opinion: Evolution Vs. Intelligent Design
  89. Great miracles in The Holy Quran
  90. What is the space Islam prescribes to perform Salat?
  91. Why did Allah create the sun?
  92. Is It Really Symmetric ?
  93. Women Get Drunk, High and Addicted Easier Than Men
  94. What do you know! I was abducted by aliens and didn't notice
  95. A Historical Lie: The Stone Age
  96. Anyone met Dr Hovind's $250,000 challenge on evolution?
  97. Stem cell issue
  98. I just read Wikipedia's page on "Evidence of Evolution"...
  99. Evolution vs. Intelligent Design live debate on Islamonline.net
  100. Talk origins on Quran's verse about expanding universe
  101. Sultan-Immense Power or Force
  102. Water - Life
  103. Science help???
  104. Sense of justice discovered in the brain
  105. A possible cure for AIDS has been extracted...
  106. Arctic ice: Going, going . . .
  107. Impotence fears hit polio drive
  108. Theory, Law, and Fact (split from another thread)
  109. Megafloods
  110. A Question about the Big Bang Theory
  111. What is the true date of Adam (pbuh)?
  112. male Circumciscion for HIV protection
  113. Einstein & Faith.
  114. Top 10 Mysteries of the Mind
  115. Astronomy, Space, UFOS and Aliens -> Islam
  116. Earth Systems (Gaia) Theory
  117. spiritualism and dementia
  118. Alcohol and health
  119. Islam & Science
  120. Where is the lowest Heaven according to Islam?
  121. Does the Quran say the earth is flat?
  122. Does the universe repeat once every trillion years?
  123. Jinn and Shooting Stars
  124. Is our understanding of love conceptually flawed?
  125. does the bible believe that the earth is flat?
  126. Half Your Brain is an Atheist
  127. How does an Islamic astronaut face Mecca in orbit?
  128. 'Evolution' and acquired antibiotic resistance - critical review
  129. Theological implications of Evolution
  130. Taskhîr, Fine-Tuning, Intelligent Design And The Scientific Appreciation Of Nature
  131. Can biology do better than faith?
  132. One Scientist's Junk Is a Creationist's Treasure
  133. Should faith be subjected scientific rationalism?
  134. Early Islamic scholars on evolution
  135. Nuh Ha Mim Keller on Evolution and Islam
  136. Can Science Prove the Existence of God?
  137. Intellect and Intuition, a comment by Iqbal
  138. The Miracle of the Holy Quran!!!
  139. Godell's Theorem and It's Implications on the Limitations of Science
  140. Kenneth Miller on Common Ancestry with Apes
  141. The Inner Life of a Cell
  142. Another Big Bang to Happen?
  143. Science, monotheism, and the principle of doubt
  144. Ihsan V Watson
  145. Color in the Quran
  146. The Spider
  147. The Parable of the Shadows
  148. Rebirth and reincarnation as part of the scientific worldview.
  149. Splitting of the moon?
  150. Bee Orchid
  151. environment
  152. This is weird read it all top to bottem.................
  153. Soup of Life, in word!
  154. Mom was wrong or mom was right?
  155. Chiropractic Neck Treatments Increase Risk of Stroke
  156. Did the Prophet,saw have a brain tumor?
  157. Tree of Life, Bahrain
  158. Scans see 'gay brain differences'
  159. Darwin is tricky
  160. Raw material for creation of the Universe
  161. seven universes
  162. Science and Religion: Some Personal Comments
  163. Funamentalism, Suicide Bombers Act out of love
  164. The Reality
  165. Debunk alleged scientific mistakes in the Koran, part II
  166. Islam and evolution
  167. Prophecy; How do prophets see?
  168. God created us but.....?
  169. The Alien in our lungs
  170. 2nd Creation of the Quran
  171. Big Bang
  172. Some very rare clouds
  173. The Evolutionary Views by Nasiraddin Tusi
  174. Black Holes
  175. Lucky break allowed dinosaurs to rule Earth: study
  176. Virtual life
  177. Origins of fingers and toes: Study contradicts previous theory
  178. What Happens When We Die?
  179. The Brain: Malleable, Capable, Vulnerable
  180. Science and Religion: Sources of Tension and Can we Live without God?
  181. Raising the Dead; as promised!
  182. the Second Creation proves evolution
  183. Evolution: religions from Monkeys
  184. A little on Light
  185. Did he become a muslim?
  186. the sky as a canopy??
  187. Before posting another evolution thread, ask yourself this
  188. Basic statistics primer thread
  189. Did Adam have a belly-button?
  190. where is soul?
  191. Marriage between cousins is fine, say scientists
  192. Is Language God Given
  193. Astral Traveling & OOBEs
  194. Can Paradise Exist in Extra Dimensions?
  195. A Scientific Approach on Al-Sirat (the bridge over Hell)
  196. Dimming of the Stars
  197. what are the heavens
  198. Could Hazrat Adam(as) be somewhere in space
  199. Medical Benefits of Salat
  200. Does The Sun orbit the Earth?
  201. Why the future doesn't need us.
  202. Suicide Bombing is haram in islam
  203. Where do dinosaurs fit into history
  204. Philosophical question
  205. Is travel in Ecuador more dangerous
  206. Evolution,creation and religion
  207. Top 10 Mysterious Diseases
  208. Casual loop problems and sorites paradox
  209. Is swine flu 'the big one' or a flu that fizzles?
  210. Pictures of beautiful creatures
  211. creepy
  212. Swine flu outbreak causes tensions between China and Mexico.
  213. Sliding Rocks of Death Valley
  214. Refuting ''Quranic Miracles'' Muslims
  215. Missing LInk Found
  216. Children are born believers in God, academic claims
  217. Top Gun geese
  218. Money cannot buy happiness
  219. Investing by Islamic Law
  220. Only Allah swt aware of these 5 things??
  221. Allah's Miracle Rivers Found As Per Surah Rehman, Alquran..
  222. Aalims who give taweez?
  223. 2012: End of the World
  224. The Creator.
  225. Strange! Humans Glow in Visible Light
  226. Our Universe.
  228. Temptation Harder to Resist Than You Think, Study Suggests
  229. Top Ten Unexplained Phenomena
  230. 'Junk' DNA Has Important Role, Researchers Find
  231. The Frog That Learned to Fly
  232. Our Common Bond
  233. Fasting/salah in the north/south pole
  234. How authentic is this Hadith
  235. Differing times for fasting
  236. the sun and moon orbiting the earth
  237. Pretty
  238. Words repetition in Quran?
  239. How can the taqdeer be properly explained
  240. Connection between cancer development and Darwinian evolution explored
  241. Kaba and Tawaaf
  242. Beyond the zones
  243. Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys
  244. Cloning poll
  245. Optical Illusions ?
  246. Sir Martin Rees, Are we real
  247. Human version 2.0
  248. Building Gods
  249. miracles OF HOLY QURAN.http://www.quranmiracles.com/?gclid=...FR5HagodNjRqjA
  250. Time!